I’ve written before about how the anti-vaccination ‘campaigners’ annoy me. Anger me. There’s another good article refuting all their arguments by David Gorscki up here.
I would love the anti-vaxxers to read it, to slap their foreheads and say, ‘Blimey mate, I’ve been wrong all along! I’m so sorry for being such a fuckwit, for trying to kill my own children and trying to kill yours! Can you point me to the nearest doctor so I can jab my children now please?’ but I don’t think that’s going to happen.
Anti-vaccination has become a religion for these nutters. And I mean that in the following-blindly-no-matter-what-happens-to-prove-I’m-a-fuckwit sense, not the handing out stale buns to the starving sense. Idiots like Jenni Barnet who has now removed all evidence that she ever uttered the word ‘vaccination’ from her personal website. That’s right love, pop a few homeopathic pills and pretend nothing’s the matter. Fuckwit.
Oh and yes, I do realise that many who, like me, despise and despair of the anti-vaxxers do their best to be polite and reasoned, to produce logical arguments against their stupidity and point them gently towards arguments proving them wrong.
Not me. I want to beat them with pointy sticks and stab them in the eye with a fork. Stupidity around the world is on the increase, not decrease, and reason doesn’t work against stupidity. These people need to be removed from the gene pool by a system of licenses for having children. An IQ higher than the wattage of an old-fashioned lightbulb will be one requirement. Acceptance of the scientific method will be another. Anyone who thinks that crystals can cure herpes or that wearing purple clothes will stop them coughing will be pushed off a cliff.Me after reading something written by Jenni Barnet